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BMW Z4 M40i. R988 990.00. R18 824.51 per month over 72 months with a 11% linked interest rate and a 0% Deposit with a 0% Balloon excludes License and Registration Charges. Available at SMG BMW. this Video is al about the BMW Z4 3.0 SMG E85 model with a 3.0ltr 6 cilinder engine with 231HP and 300NM. this car was for sale at JB-Over. this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars. BMW Z4 3.0i SMG. 25 000 EUR Negociável. 2004 74 000 km Gasolina. 963 Ver número. Contactar Vendedor. Adicionar aos Favoritos Remover dos Favoritos. Carros. BMW. Z4. Adicionar aos Favoritos Remover dos Favoritos. 1 /16. Poucos KMs. BMW Z4 3.0i SMG. 25 000 EUR Negociável. 01/11/2019 · Boa noite, Alguém tem experiência com um BMW Z4 2.5? Qual a vossa opinião da cx SMG? Obrigado.

SMG stands for Sequential Manual Gearbox. It's essentially a transmission capable of functioning as an automatic, or functioning as a manual transmission. The innovation is that, when functioning as an automatic, the driver does not need to operate a clutch pedal, simply designate desired gear. The e46 M3 is actually one of the most reliable cars BMW has built in the last 10 years.. unless you have the SMG option on your transmission of course. The first generation SMG or Sequential Manual Gearbox transmissions have not held up well over the long run and are starting to [].

18/07/2011 · Clube BMW Portugal O primeiro fórum nacional da marca. Contribuir; Índice do Fórum; FAQ; Pesquisar; Tótipos sem resposta; Tópicos ativos. 11/02/2007 · You should get a substantial discount for puchasing an SMG car. Even though this option was much more expensive than a manual tranny, these cars historically sell "used" for less money than any other comparable Z4. Actually the same thing applies to the M3 SMG cars as well.

20.790 €: - Viatura nacional - Manutenção na marca - Caixa automática com patilhas no volante - Bancos em pele elétricos e com memória - Ar condicionado automático - Radio CD - Computador de bordo 」という快音を奏でてくれるSMGにも選択の余地はあるとは思っています。前置きが長くなりましたが、BMWのZ4の故障を防ぐために必要なことについて解説していきます。 <スポンサーリンク> BMWのZ4の故障の原因とメンテナンスとの関係.

30/05/2005 · I would have preferred the 6 speed, but my partner does not care to shift so the SMG was a compromise. I would point out 2 things, first, the SMG in the Z4 is a less sophisticated version of that found in the more expensive BMW models. Standvirtual Nº1 em carros. Pesquise anúncios classificados de BMW Z4 em Portugal no Standvirtual. Comprar ou vender carros usados. bmwのz4e86モデルのトラブルや故障と対処法、口コミも含めてわかりやすくご紹介。メンテナンスを怠ると数十万以上の修理費にもなる?安く修理する方法もご紹介!bmwのz4e85のトラブルや故障と、起きた時にする事を知りたい方はお見逃しなく!.

01/03/2005 · Our Z4 was a good roadster that was badly hurt by the incorrigible SMG and onboard computer system. We actually drove another Z4 identical to our long-termer, right down to the color, but without the complex nav system and with the base six-speed manual transmission. It was a joy to drive! 05/09/2007 · Zum Verkauf steht ein gepflegter und individualisierter BMW Z4 mit umfangreicher Ausstattung und vielen Neuteilen. Inserat auch auf Der Wagen hat ein SMG-Getriebe automatisiertes Schaltgetriebe. Das Schalten funktioniert über Paddels am Lenkrad. Die Betätigung des Kupplungspedals entfällt. z4(ズィー・フォー、ツェット・フィーア)はドイツの自動車メーカー・bmwが製造・販売しているスポーツカーである。 クーペ または ロードスター のボディ形式を持つ。. 25/08/2017 · ich bin auf der dringendem Suche nach einem Z4 SMG 3.0 in Maritim Ausstattung, möglichst unverbastelt und mit wenig Kilometern. Maritim und SMG leider beides Pflicht. Leider habe ich auf den einschlägigen Autobörsen/Foren keine aktuellen Angebote gefunden. Vielleicht kennt ja jemand einen Besitzer oder überlegt selber seinen Wagen zu verkaufen.

11/02/2007 · I am intruiged by the technology, and I know BMW no longer offers it on the Z4. Have you had any major maintenance issues? I am currently looking at a red 2004 2.5i with SMG and Dream Red Heated seats:thumbup:. Opinions would be appreciated. Thanks, You should get a substantial discount for puchasing an SMG car. これ以上望みようのない魅力をたたえた至高のロードスター、bmw z4。強烈なドライビング・ダイナミクスと鮮烈なデザインを融合したこの一台が求めたのはただひとつ。空と道のあいだを颯爽と駆けぬける、果てしない自由。. bmw z4 3.0i smg に試乗: 大ヒットとなった bmw のロードスター「z3」の跡を引き継ぐ「z4」に試乗。そのデザイン故に最初は少し敬遠してしまったが、実車を見るとその思いは一変した。. BMW offered a system simply called "sequential manual gearbox" SMG on the E36 M3Starting in 1997, and later "SMG-II" on the E46 M3. BMW's first generation SMG was also partly a Magneti Marelli system similar than used in Ferrari and Alfa. The BMW SMG transmission has both automatic and manual shift modes.

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